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Attention Members, presenters,  and vendors. Thank you for attending 
The NYSTEEA 53rd Annual Conference in Binghamton, NY

Pick one day that works for you!
Monday - May 2nd thru Friday - May 13th, 2016 there will be active links below.

Please have your students participate in either our
2016 Middle School Student Survey
2016 High School Student Survey

Sponsored by the New York State Technology & Engineering Educators Association 

New York State STEM Education Collaborative
New York Institute of Technology
Old Westbury Campus (Long Island)
July 10th through July12th
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Please find the following:
1) Link to our Save The Date Flyer

                                  Collaborative's Website. www.nysstemeducation.org

NYSTEEA has been working with the New York State Association for Career & Technical Education 
to develop a Position Paper in Support of Career Pathways to graduation,
 which can be accessed at www.NYSACTE.org under the position Paper button on their website homepage.

Dateline: Syracuse, NY 10/27/2013, NYSTEEA issues the elevator speech we should all have memorized for the time when somebody asks:
   What is technology education?

"Technology education is the study of the human-made world.  Students learn the process of designing and engineering solutions in a hands-on,minds-on environment of invention and innovation." Then after that - (State what you teach in your classes.)

Public Relations Packet to assist you in promoting
Technology & Engineering Education.

Kick off Summer 2016 at the

New York State Career and Technical Education Conference

Save the Dates:   June 28 & 29, 2016

Desmond Hotel and Conference Center - Albany, NY

NYSTEEA has secured permission from the Museum of Science in Boston for the use of the
following video (6 min.) on our website site. Dr. Ioannis (Yannis) Miaoulis does an excellent
 job explaining Technology and Engineering as well as advocating for the study of both in our schools.

Video credit: The Museum of Science, Boston, MA.
The National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL)
 and Ioannis (Yannis) Miaoulis

At the beginning of the calendar year NYSTEEA runs a Public Service
Announcement (PSA) contest  that awards cash prizes to the winners.
Contact info@nysteea.org for more information/

Click this video link to view a winning 42 second PSA.

"Professional Development Opportunities"

Workshop on January 25, 2016 at RPI regarding Entrepreneurship.

STEM with out the T & E is just more science and math.  Express your support today by signing the Technology & Engineering for All NYS Students petition.  NYSTEEA's goal is to gather 1,000 signatures by December 1st, so please share the link with your local business leaders, co-workers, friends and family.  Thank you for your support.

NYSTEEA Advocacy Petition

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Green technologies at work in school based competition projects.

Electric/Battery Operated Cars
Photo by Kerry Brennan

Closeup of electric car project
Photo by Kerry Brennan

Kidwind Twelve Blade Wind Turbine 
Photo by Bob Tufte
Tech Wars @
Erie Community College South